Mumma Bears Eco-Friendly Coconut Lavender Whip

Right about now after all these new wonderful products Livvy and I have made I am feeling very much the need for something super luxurious and girly to pamper myself after a long day of being a homeschool mum and general wonder woman!  I have done tons (and I mean tons!!) or research into the best products to for body pampering that I can easily make at home (and of course that is also inexpensive!) Well my friends, I hit a stumbling block!

100% Natural

It would appear that there is one vital ingredient that I would need in order to make a sumptuous body cream – beeswax!  This stuff is so unbelievably elusive I nearly cried out of frustration of not being able to find any in my local town!  So for me the search to get that all important wonder product is still game-on!!

There are, however, always silver linings shining through even the grayest of clouds and that came in the form of COCONUT OIL :D.  During our last (and now very regular trip to the health food store Livvy and I spied a big tub of the stuff…yipee!! Over joyed we rushed home and set to work making this fabulous body whip!

coconut oil

Ahh the humble coconut, one of the most fabulous gifts mother nature has bestowed upon us!  Here is why:

  • Not only can you use it in your diet to help maintain cholesterol levels, boost weight loss, aid digestion and it is said to help relieve kidney problems but it is also an amazing natural beauty product.
  • It is sumptuous for the skin!  Suitable for ALL skins types can be used as a massage oil or simply as a moisturizer,  coconut oil is also brilliant when used to treat skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema!
  • Fabulous for the health of our hair – it is an excellent conditioner and helps to maintain healthy growth.
  • Coconut oil is highly rich in vitamins and minerals, an interesting fact for you –  “Pacific Islanders consider coconut oil to be the cure for all illnesses. The coconut palm is so highly valued by them as both a source of food and medicine that it is called “The Tree of Life.” – Amazing!! – (The website gives you a massive list of the benefits of coconut oil!)

How To Make Your Own  Coconut Lavender Whip

Coconut Lavender Whip


1 Cup of coconut oil
5 Drops Lavender oil
Food processor
Glass jar

How To Make

  • Dollop your cup of coconut oil into the food processor and add your drops of essential oil
  • Mix for 6  minutes on a medium setting – the mixture should form very soft peaks
  • Transfer to your glass jar and use when needed

That’s it folks! If you live in a super hot country like we do then you can store the body whip in the fridge, if it does melt (like it did with me because I stupidly left it on a sunny window seal!)  then just re-whip it up in the food processor!  The best time to use it is in the evenings – after a nice bath or shower – you must remember it is an oil and will take a little longer than a lotion to sink into the skin, but it is so amazing to use!


8 responses to “Mumma Bears Eco-Friendly Coconut Lavender Whip

  1. Oh me oh my girl you really do put some effort into your research and I for one really appreciate those efforts! This is amazing, & once again I have learnt something new & now can make a sumptuous body cream to boot!! Awesome, well done you!!

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