Literature: The Gruffalo By Julia Donaldson

” A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood,

A fox saw the mouse and the mouse looked good”

Livvy is a  HUGE Julia Donaldson fan, we have many of her books but one of our most favorites (like many across the world!) is The Gruffalo.  Livvy and I have already looked at Room on the Brrom and made up our own mini project based on the book but one evening a couple of days ago Livvy said she  would like to spend a whole  morning doing a Gruffalo project 🙂

So, story read aloud (with me making wonderful character voices -even if I do say so myself!) we set to work exploring this most treasured story.

The official Gruffalo website has some awesome resources – especially games and downloadable activities for little ones to enjoy:

This link will take you to a printable Gruffalo mask – fabulous for your own little Gruffalo! :

Below are two downloadable PDF’s that you can use to integrate into your look at the story.  The first one Livvy used to name the different parts of the Gruffalo and the second we used to write rhyming words that we found in the story…this is one of the wonderful things about the way JuliaDonaldson writes, she makes poetry so very enjoyable for young children to read 🙂

The Gruffalo Mini- Project

Gruffalo Naming Body Parts

Gruffalo Writing Sheet

The two pdf’s above I found on the TES website, below is a link to more fabulous Gruffalo inspired projects for you to enjoy!

The Gruffalo Mini-Project

A mini-project would not be a mini-project without a touch of art!  Livvy made her very own Gruffalo character picture! Simpy Fabulous!!

To end this project on a special note Livvy and I snuggled on the sofa to watch the wonderful animated version of The Gruffalo! 😀

There you have it, awesome resources for you to create your own Gruffalo mini-project!

The Gruffalo Mini-Project

4 responses to “Literature: The Gruffalo By Julia Donaldson

  1. And I can just hear your story telling from here 🙂 having heard you read to Livvy so many times before, I can vouch for your animated character voice overs….you even captivate me! This is a lovely project girls, well done! 🙂

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