Funky Clown Card

Super fun, super easy to make, perfect for all occasions!

Funky Clown Card

All you need is:

Thick paper/ card

Felt tip pens or crayons

Pritt Stick

How to Make

  1. Fold your thick paper/card in half
  2. Get your little one to draw a picture of a clown in the center of the fold so you have the clown face on both sides of the folded card
  3. Cut a strip of different color card (a grown up may need to do this bit!) and fold in to a concertina
  4. Glue one end of the concertina card  to one side of of the folded card and the other side to the other side of the card – just under the clown face
  5. Voilà one fabulously funky card!

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