Natural World – Busy Ploughman!

Last week saw our second encounter with our look at the natural world and where better to start than underneath the ground!  Livvy and I spent the whole morning look at those wonderful wriggly wrigglers and learnt some wonderful facts!

Livvy and her worm poster

Our wriggly facts!

  • Earthworms can live for up to 6 years! How amazing is that?!
  • They do not have eyes or ears!! Instinctively they will come to the earths surface when it is raining to stop themselves from drowning!
  • They are invertebrates – which means they do not have a spine.
  • They also do not possess teeth!
  • They devour dead plant and animal matter and can eat a huge amount in relation to their size.
  • They do such amazing  job at churning up the earth and returning goodness to it so that our plants and veggies flourish 🙂


Below is a link to a rather funny video – wriggly worms singing all about composting! Livvy loved it!!

The link below will take you to national geographic for kids – full of interesting wriggly wormy facts and picture!

Next time went venture forth into the amazing world of Ants!


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