Materials all around us!

It would seem we are having a week filled with science!  Today we looked at the concept of materials and how everything is made up of different, well, stuff.  Most importantly we discovered how some materials are strong and hard, whilst others are soft and weak. We also looked at how some materials are waterproof whilst others are not!

Below is the most wonderful link to an amazing resource that highlights the differences in materials using a concept that is completely pre-school/reception age child friendly 🙂

Take one tale of  The Three Little Pigs, some Lego, child’s building bricks, old cereal packets and toilet rolls and lastly a hairdryer and voilà you have yourself an ingenious play that you can act out with your children! Materials and The Three Little Pigs (The Three Little Pigs downloadable resource)

BBC – Schools Science Clips – Sorting and using materials (BBC Schools Science Website) (Online game looking at different materials)


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