Links – My favorite Websites

I have been thinking for a while now about creating a post that collates all my favorite websites that I use for homeschooling.  There is a world of wonderful, informative and useful sites out there and to know which ones come recommended takes a big load off when you are trying to set up your school lessons!

This blog post will contain weekly updated sites that I recommend and use for homeschooling, I’ll split them into subject areas and will give you a brief description of what you’ll find in any given site 🙂

I would also just like to say – these sites aren’t just for homeschoolers, they are for any parent, grandparent, caregiver etc. to use with children in mind 🙂

Keep checking back for updates and if you love a site then feel free to use the comment box to let me know!


  •  – A fab site designed to help little and big ones to read, you get a free trial to test it out before purchasing…Livvy LOVES this site!
  •  – Another beginning to read favorite – this one is free for you to use the basic games (you can also subscribe annually), good for learning letters and phonics.
  •  – Brilliant site, full of useful information about helping your child to read, also has e-books that are free to use – perfect for little people!
  •  – A huge collection of alphabet related resources – all free!
  •  – I have only just come across this site, it also has a wealth of resources for literacy and is fantastic! Free to sign up and use but you can up-grade and pay to use the complete works so to speak!
  •  – I LOVE this site!  It’s not only free to use but it has sooooo many wonderful ideas 🙂 Brilliant for downloadable tracing alphabet worksheets – perfect for those little ones just learning to write letters!
  •  – Jolly phonics! What can I say?! I have invested in the music cd that Livvy has loved joining in with and in the workbooks themselves, there are a few downloadable worksheets and teacher note worsheets that one could easily incorporate with phonic learning.


  •  – is one of my staples I have to say, I use it for a lot of things (not just maths!) and I have also paid to subscribe to the premium membership – not that you need to, you are able to use the site free and download a certain amount of worksheets and activities.
  •  – Cute downloadable maths worksheets and maths e-books too!



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