Mumma bears Eco Friendly Mission Of The Week!

To be honest I have been putting off writing this post mainly because I wasn’t sure how to begin writing it – but at last I have had a light bulb moment and the words are starting to flow!

100% Natural

So, what’s my mission of the week I hear you ask…well you see I have given up make-up (at least until I find an affordable replacement that fit’s in with my new eco ethos – tell you what though that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon!!!!).

I know what some of you are thinking, what’s the big deal?!  Well for me it is a REALLY big deal…I never go out without make-up on (EVER!!) So it is a real challenge but so far I have managed a whole week, yes my friends a whole make-up-less week! – I’m quite proud of myself!  I have to say my skin is looking so much the better for not smothering my face with pore-clogging rubbish too!  But it’s not just the fact that I’m living a make-up-less life now that my skin looks a lot healthier, I drink LOADS of water, my diet is fairly good but the pièce de résistance is my new found avocado oil passion!


Avocado oil is AMAZING!!!  Avo’s are fabulous super foods packed full to the brim with essential fatty acids, extraordinarily high in  mono-unsaturated fats (around 76%!!!!) Let’s not get confused here with the fats – mono-unsaturated fats are one of the best to have in our diets – they actually have been proven to help lower cholesterol levels – it is the saturated fats that are the bad ones to have – glad we cleared that up!  It’s not just  all those yummy fats knocking about in the humble avo that makes it brilliant, oh no, it is jam packed with antioxidants – super! In particular vitamin E, alpha and beta-carotene and lutein 😀

Now, I ask you, why would you not want all that yumminess on you skin as well as in your tummy?!

Needless to say I have ditched my toxic chemical laden anti-ageing face cream in favour of this wonder oil… yes that’s right ladies if it’s an anti-ageing moisturiser that you are looking for then look no further than avo oil!  Due it’s nutrition profile avocado’s are brilliant to use as an anti ageing product.  It’s all the nutrients in the oil that are beneficial for us who are well, needing to preserve our “young” skin!  But not only can you use as an anti ageing moisturiser it can be used to help treat psoriasis, sun-damaged skin and for those that may suffer with acne!  See, AMAZING!!!

It’s so easy to apply and despite what you may think, your skin will very quickly suck up all the goodness – all you need is a bottle of cold pressed avocado oil, choose cold pressed because it will be far superior nutrient wise.  Either apply with a cotton wool pad or super clean finger tips and be gentle – don’t whack it on, take your time enjoy the feeling of your skin drinking up the nutrients…. I apply mine after cleansing just before bed-time, I also only use it once a day, for my skin type I don’t need to use it in the morning but for those of you with dry skin you may need to. 🙂

But what do you use to cleanse with I hear you ask!  Well morning and evening I am using a combination of witch hazel and rose water!  So easy to use, simply apply the cleanser to cotton wool and wash it over my face – and it feels sooooooo good!

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is actually a deciduous plant that is native to North America.  It is the leaves and the bark of the plant that are used to make the astringent that we find most commonly in our health food shops and chemists.   It was the North American Indians that popularized the usage, using it mainly for it’s medicinal qualities.  Just like our avo oil witch hazel is packed with anti-oxidants – that makes it great for fighting acne, which is why many cosmetic companies use it as an ingredient in their spot-fighting warfare products 😉  It can also be used to treat bruises, insect bites, ingrown nails and believe it or not even as a haemorrhoid treatment!

Rose Water


Rose water – unsurprisingly comes from roses!! It is actually the by-product of the rose oil that is used to make some perfumes.  Like most of our wonder ingredients the use of rose water is no exception, used since ancient times – it is believed that Cleopatra used it to keep her skin beautifully supple and her complexion clear!

Rose water itself has many uses, it is commonly used in Persian cooking, used to as a flavour for some nougat bars and Turkish delight!  For our skin it is used for it’s astringent and antiseptic properties, it cools and calms irritated skin, so for those that suffer with acne it is wonderful!  What is most lovely though about rose water is that it suits all skins types – no mater if you have oily skin, sensitive (like mine!) or super dry skin!  It is said to have the wonderful ability to balance the skins PH levels.

There you have it, Mumma Bear’s answer to your facial cleansing and moisturising routine that is based on natural and eco friendly ingredients ..needless to say I am blissfully happy with my new found products and will never, ever go back to the cosmetic industries answer to “anti-ageing” creams!  As far as the make-up-lessness goes I’ll keep you posted………. 😉



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