Whatever The Weather – Part Two

One of the wonders of the internet is finding little treasures like the one below, let me explain, whilst looking for things relating to the weather I stumbled across a construct your own weather station – perfect to encourage Livvy to observe what is going on with the weather.  Observation skills after all are essential to us all as human beings!  So I downloaded the pdf file (see link below!), printed it out and as surprise for Livvy hung it in the kitchen for her to find the following morning 🙂 What a fabulous way to start our week of weather observing! Completely hands on, she has had to create a weather reading everyday this week and has loved doing so too!

Weather Station


As I like to include as much crafty stuff into our projects as possible to really engage Livvy I came across a wonderful idea to build your own weather vane.  This we also used in conjunction with our wind sock that I explained how to make yesterday – very simple to make and great to demonstration wind direction 🙂

Funky Face Weather Vane 

Funky Face Weather Vane

What you Need

Plastic or polystyrene cup
Googly eyes
Felt-tip pens
PVA glue
Paper clip
Pencil with a rubber on the end
Drinking straw (non-bendy)
Sticky tape

How To Make

Funky Face Weather Vane

  1. Poke the pencil into the middle of the cup so that it will sit nicely – then remove
  2. Get your little one to glue wool for hair on to the top of the cup – just make sure that he/she doesn’t glue over the hole 😉
  3. Stick pom-poms on the top for a fringe effect
  4. Glue googly eyes on the cup and using felt-tips make up the rest of the face (ie eyes and nose!)
  5. Next take the pencil and with the rubber end at the top poke back into the cup
  6. Un-bend the paper clip and push it through the middle of the drinking straw then push the paper clip into the top of the rubber
  7. Cut out two small-ish squares out of the card and get your little one to write “N” and “S” on each one
  8. Using sticky tape, tape the “N” on one side of the drinking straw and the “S” on the other side
  9. Take outside and what the wind blow the weather vane 🙂

Happy, Happy Days! 😀


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