Whatever The Weather!

During our homeschool week last week Livvy and I talked about the differences in weather between the UK and South Africa, unsurprising Livvy is fascinated at how we have such different climates!  So then in true homeschool mummy fashion I decided that we should take a look at how the weather works during our “school” time this week – so here it is, the little bits we have discovered…..

What I find most challenging is watering down topics that are complex so a four year old can understand them, the topic of the weather most certainly falls into this category!  I in my excitement of covering such a wonderful subject I printed off lots of pages about precipitation, evaporation, condensation….hang on a cotton-picking minute – Livvy is FOUR, what was I thinking?!  Well, once I grounded myself I realized I could show her what all those big words are by doing a little experiment….  the “rain in a bag” experiment! Brilliant!!

Rain Bag

What You Need

Rain Bag

1 sealable plastic sandwich bag (like a zip-lock, we only used a small one)
A beautiful willing child ready to get his or her hands dirty!
Sticky tape
A spray bottle with water in it 🙂

Rain Bag

How To Do It

  1. Get your little one to fill the plastic bag until it is about a quarter of the way full
  2. Have your little one spray the water from the spray bottle into the plastic bag so that the soil is damp – not muddy!
  3. Seal the bag shut – just to make sure it nicely sealed use the sticky tape as an extra precaution!
  4. Place  the bag either in the sun like we did or on a sunny window-seal
  5. Watch the magic happen!

Rain Bag

Depending on how sunny and warm the location that your bag is in will depend on how quickly the magic happens!

Here’s the science bit 😉  So as the moisture in the bag EVAPORATES a cloud starts to form (the inside of the bag looks misty),  just like our clouds in the sky, once they are full they can no longer hold the water and so PRECIPITATION (or rain) occurs, your little one will notice the droplets inside the bag running down the inside – thus being  just like the rain we get 🙂

(At the end of the blog post are all the links to printabes, worksheets and websites that I have used to cover this subject area.)

Weather is so much more than rain!  What about wind?!  Here in the Western Cape we are more often than not discussing the wind direction… especially in our home, Daddy paraglides and is obsessed with which way the wind is blowing!!!!! 😉

So what did we do on this uncharacteristically breathless day? 😉 – We made a wind sock!  So very simple and easy (and quick!!)

Wind Sock

wind Sock

You Will Need

Tissue paper, cut to: 30cm x 30cm
Card (or thick paper), cut to: 30cm x 2.5cm
Four pieces of string or twine, cut to: 30cm (each)
Sticky tape
Pritt stick
Felt-tip pens

How To Make

  1. Once all your bits are cut to size get your little one to color the tissue paper (very gently as it rips easily!) however he or she wants! Livvy drew faces on hers and squiggles!
  2. Glue the card band to the top of the tissue paper and then on one of the side run the pritt stick along and join it up so it make a cylindrical shape
  3. Lastly take your four pieces of string and using sticky tape stick equal distances apart on the inside of the card band at the top of the wind sock and tie them all together
  4. Go hang your beautiful wind sock outside so the it will catch some wind!

Wind Sock

This little fun crafty experiment is great to show little ones the movement of air (wind!) 🙂

Now, thanks to Bev (another fabulous homeschool mummy friend) I was able to show Livvy a lovely little website that is designed to inspire children to think about the world in which we live, be aware of our precious resources and to teach them that these resources need protecting before it’s too late.  This website has gorgeous little characters that kiddie winkles will love to follow and it also has a few downloadable activities, such as dot-to-dot and a character hunt! If you do have young ones I urge you to take a peek, after all it is NEVER too early to start thinking the “green” way 🙂 http://idbids.com/fun-stuff/

There you have it, this weeks look at the weather but wait there is more… next installment tomorrow! 😉


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