Eco Warrioress – Homemade Bath Bombs

So unbelievably simple to make I can not understand why Livvy and I haven’t made them before!!  As  part of our venture into all things homemade (and as natural as possible!) We have not only swapped our toxic cleaning products for more eco-friendly cleaning products but have made the decision to make the transition over to more natural beauty skin care products too!! 🙂 (Eco Warriroress)

This is our first home made batch of bath bombs – great fun to make, super easy and wonderful to use 🙂

Homemad Bath Bombs


4 tablespoons Bicarbonate of soda
2 Tablespoons citric acid (you can use tartaric acid instead if you can’t find citric – just half the quantity to 1 tablespoon)
food colouring (we used red and blue!)
Essential oil (we used lavender!)
Witch hazel
Spray bottle


How To Make

Homemade Bath Bombs

  1. In a bowl mix the bicarb and citric (or tartaric) acid – so it is nice and lump free
  2. Next add a couple of drops of essential oil
  3. Then add a drop or two of food colouring – don’t over do it though!!!
  4. Decant some of the witch hazel into a spray bottle and dampen the mixture – mix at the same time and when it starts to clump together and holds its shape your ready to transfer to the mould
  5. Scoop into the moulds and allow to dry completely before taking them out – about 12hrs  or so 🙂

Homemade Bath Bombs

When the are ready draw yourself a nice hot bath, chuck a bath bomb in, climb in and relax! – Enjoy!! 😀


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