Owl Craft

Cape Eagle OwlYesterday as part of our Livvy and Mummy day Liv wanted to make an owl…

You see, we are extremely fortunate to have two Cape Eagle Owls that roost in the trees in our garden – just after we moved into the property one of the owl’s sat above our heads whilst we were pegging out the washing and we hear then calling to each other most evenings – they have unsurprisingly found their way into our hearts!  Livvy also loves Timmy Time, ( a BBC children’s program – she had been watching it the day before and declared that she wanted to make an owl just like the Daddy owl on the program!) so we raided our “junk” pile to find the bits that she wanted to use to make the owl and we set to work!

What You Will Need

Crafty Owl

An empty plastic squash bottle
Paper plates
Two shades of Purple tissue or crepe paper
Blue and yellow card
White paper
Black felt-tip pen
PVA Glue
Small cup or glass

How To Make Your Owl

Crafty Owl

  1. Splodge a bit of PVA glue onto the plastic bottle and wrap the lighter shade of the purple tissue paper around it
  2. Cut out darker pieces of tissue paper into oval shapes and glue onto the body of the owl to make feathers
  3. Take one paper plate and glue it onto the neck of the plastic bottle (dark cardboard side showing – not the white side!)
  4. Using your small cup (ie espresso size or small glass) draw around it on the blue card then cut out the circle, glue the blue card onto the paper plate
  5. Next cut out a smaller circle on white paper and draw a largish black dot in the middle
  6. Glue the white paper onto the center of the blue card
  7. Next using your yellow card make a beak shape and stick it onto the face of your owl
  8. Lastly, using another paper plate cut two rectangle shapes, take your darker purple tissue paper and cut a larger rectangle and glue over the paper plate rectangles – affix onto the body of the owl with sellotape!

2 responses to “Owl Craft

  1. 🙂 Thanks! Wow…need to see pics of your cake for sure! Clever little man knows that owls are one of the most coolest birds ever! We send big Happy 2nd Birthday hugs to him 🙂 xoxo

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