Coffee Filter Paper Hearts

This is sooooooooo fun and easy to make!  Great for all occasions not just Valentines 🙂

You Will Need

Coffee filter paper
Felt-tip pens (various colours)
A glass

How We Did It

Coffee Filter Paper Hearts

  1. Draw a heart on the filter paper – then cut it out (adults may need to do this bit!)
  2. Get your little one to colour the heart how ever he/she wants!
  3. Place your hearts over the empty glass
  4. Lastly drop water onto the filter paper and watch the magic happen!!
  5. Wait for the hearts to dry a little then glue hearts onto the card and make someone’s heart melt 🙂

The magic part……

Coffee Filter Paper Hearts

You can’t see but the ink in a felt-tip pen is made up of different colour pigments, by adding water to the filter paper (which is super absorbent)  the ink dissipates and therefore shows the different colours that make up one colour 🙂 For example, an orange felt-tip may be made up of both yellow and red is only when we add the water that we can see this 🙂

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