Lovely Literature

“Once upon a time there were four little rabbits, and their names were Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail and Peter.”

When I was a little girl I loved Beatrix Potter, I was very fortunate to have her complete works given to me by my much loved Grandma and my Mum collected a Wedgewood Peter Rabbit themed tea set for me!

Now, upon having my beautiful daughter I secretly hoped that she too would fall in love with Beatrix’s wonderful world of naughty bunnies and kittens – and so she has – much to my absolute delight!

I started reading my beloved Beatrix tales to her when she was only 3 months old to settle her to sleep at night and over the last four and half years Beatrix and her characters have found their way into many of our every day situations, for example whilst teaching Livvy the letter “H” for hedgehog Mrs Tiggywinkle came along and showed off her lovely tale 🙂

A few weeks back we added ducks to our little “zoo” here and yes you guessed we named the girl one Jemima Puddle Duck!

Our Jemima Puddle Duck

Wednesdays are a funny day for us here, sometimes I run errands and we get very little homeschool work done, today however we have had tremendous fun looking at Miss Potters wonderful characters, this little bit of literature fun was actually brought on by us moving our Jemima and her friend Mac to a different part of the garden and I am so glad we did!!

I have come across a lovely website dedicated to Beatrix Potters wonderful stories.  It contains fun games to play and coloring pages to print out, here is the link:

Livvy colouring Peter Rabbit pictures

The next link is to a website that provides an audio story of Peter Rabbit – I actually didn’t listen to the story but read it to Livvy myself! (useful for Liv’s and I as my Beatrix Potter books are being cared for by my Dad in England!!)

Reading a Beatrix Potter tales isn’t just wonderful for the child but for the adult that is reading it also, she had such a beautiful way with words it makes it a complete pleasure to dive into one of her tales…no matter how old you are!  I can say with such certainty it is a love that will stay with me (and I hope with Livvy) for the rest of my life.


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