Balancing Monkeys

Balancing Monkey

The first day of our new term went superbly which is awesome after a nice long summer break 🙂  Livvy and I feel refreshed and raring to go…and what a better way than to start with one of Livvy’s favorite subjects – science!

This is a fab little experiment, brilliant to demonstrate gravity and the scale effect! Our hanging pipe cleaners act like a seesaw – the thread in the middle is it’s pivot point, if you add one monkey to one side the pipe cleaner bar will undoubtedly tilt, however when you add another monkey to the other side at roughly an equal distance from the pivot point the the “bar” will balance!

To make your marvelous balancing monkeys You Will Need:

Balancing Monkey

Plain paper (or thin card) A4 size
Pipe Cleaners (x2)

How to do it:

Balancing Monkey

balancing monkey (2)

  1. Fold you A4 paper in half and draw your monkey outline 
  2. Cut the monkey shape out
  3. Decorate the monkeys
  4. Now take the two pipe cleaners put them together and in the middle tie your thread
  5. Next twist the pipe cleaners together
  6. You’re good to go!  Find a place to hand your hanging pipe cleaner balancing bar and try to balance your little monkeys 🙂


This experiment is taken from our much loved Usborne Big Book Of Science Experiments To Make And Do

The link below will take you to the Usborne website…full of quick links to other fun science information 🙂


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