If feel like an eco warrioress! Part One

It’s a new year, right?!  So I should have some sort of New Years Resolution, right?   Well, ok, I’ll admit it….I do….it’s not your conventional resolution, oh no, (although I do have the usual “aims” for the year, you know the stuff, continue to loose weight, cut out the red wine….really, I don’t need to go on do I?!  Good!

My New Years Resolution is to ditch the toxic hideousness of the cleaning product world and make my own household cleaning stuff 🙂

Eco cleaning

so from left to right (back row first) we have….a laundry ball (no need for powder!), a-hem a shop bought all-purpose cream cleaner (see, it’s an obsession!), white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, a natural soap, lemons…I am missing olive oil..that mixed with lemon works as a polish (apparently!)

You see, this may sound like an easy thing to do…but… I have a confession….I simply can’t resist buying cleaning products! It’s like an obsession… I am Monica Gellar (Friends) except I am a little more on the plump side and well, I have blonde hair, but other than that I could be her twin!! 😉

This is a complete challenge for me…do I actually trust that white vinegar is going to be as effective for my kitchen surfaces as my anti-bac spray? Hmmmmm vote is out there but, I will reserve judgement and I know that in my heart having toxic chemicals floating around your home in the form of cleaning  products is no good for any of us and that my friends will have to be the voice of reason!

So there you have it….no going back…today I emptied my beloved multi-task cleaner down the kitchen sink, scrubbed off the label and replaced it with my own “mummy’s eco kitchen cleaner” label, half filled it with white vinegar then topped it up with water and bobs your uncle…we’re good to go……

It’s a start, right?!  Look out for the next  instalment of my journey into the eco world…….I’m a little bit scared if I’m honest 😉 ……………


Below are a couple of links to some websites that explain how to make your own natural household cleaning products:



6 responses to “If feel like an eco warrioress! Part One

  1. I’m definitely on board – who said you can’t teach old dogs new tricks eh?! For me the hardest parting will be with my beloved window cleaner (yeah, I am that sad, I love it!) but so long as they get clean without smearing I’ll be a happy little eco warrioress too!! 😉

    • See, I hadn’t even thought about my window cleaner… sniff, sniff…how I love thee 😉 BUT if you mix 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon of washing up liquid with 2 cups of water you can have your very own earth friendly version 😉 I haven’t actually tried it yet but I think it’ll work a treat 🙂

  2. it will work perfect. I always use bicarb and lemon juce and it gets limescale off amazing! you just have to be careful on some surfaces as it can be abbrasive. happy cleaning! x

  3. Good on you guys! I started using bicarb of soda and white vinegar due to the economics of it and have realised that we can have a nice, clean and fresh house too without the harsher alternatives around.

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