Pinecone Christmas Trees

“O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy leaves are so unchanging;
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy leaves are so unchanging”


So, you’ve been out for your winter (or summer as it is here) walk, collected a nice bag full of pinecones you’ve used nearly all of them on other crafty projects but there are a few odd ones left over…The question is what do you do with them…Return them to the wild?  Sling them in the bin?  No!!!  Give them to your little ones to decorate then hang them on your tree for Christmas 🙂


What You Will Need

PVA Glue


How Livvy Did It

  1. Brush all the loose dirt etc. from your pinecones
  2. Generously slap paint onto pinecones
  3. Allow to dry for a bit
  4. Dollop PVA glue onto the pinecones
  5. Sprinkle copious amounts of glitter over pinecones or as an alternative (Livvy found this easier!) sprinkle glitter onto the surface you are working on and roll the glue covered pinecone in the glitter
  6. Tie ribbon to the pinecones if you want to hang them up 🙂


Job done…half an hour or so of fun messy play for little ones!


2 responses to “Pinecone Christmas Trees

  1. Simplistic fun is always the best and these are such a good example – what super home made tree decorations and they will keep for many years to come – I love getting out decorations from years gone by especially those that have been lovingly hand made by family members….priceless keepsakes 🙂

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