Ho Ho Ho!

My beautiful little Livvy decided on our art and craft Friday that she wanted to make a Santa Claus using a toilet roll…and that’s what we did!! You see in our household I collect loo rolls like some ladies collect shoes, it’s become a bit of an obsession…I have so many knocking about I may have to give then their very own spot in our house!!! But in my defense they are extraordinarily useful!!

To make Livvy’s inspired Santa Claus just follow the steps below 🙂

You Will Need:

Toilet Roll
Red Tissue Paper
PVA Glue
Cotton Wool
Googly Eyes
Black Felt-Tip Pen
Paper Bag
Pipe Cleaners (red and brown)

Here’s How Livvy Did It:

  1. Liberally cover the toilet roll with PVA glue (you could also use pritt stick!)
  2. Cover the toilet roll with tissue paper
  3. Take a large ball of cotton wool and glue onto the top of the toilet roll (this is Santa’s head)
  4. Take another small piece of cotton wool and make a beard for Santa
  5. Stick googly eyes onto Santa’s head
  6. Cut a red pipe cleaner into three parts
  7. Make a hole in either side of the toilet roll and stick the pipe cleaner in to make arms
  8. Use the last bit (this may need to be made shorter) to make a mouth and glue on to Santa’s face
  9. Take the brown (or black pip cleaner and tie around Santa’s waist to make a belt)
  10. Draw buttons with the black felt-tip pen onto the top part of the toilet roll
  11. Use the paper bag to make a sack full of toys and any remaining red pipe cleaner can be used to make a tie for the toy bag.

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