Father Christmas Sweetie Holder

Livvy enjoyed making this so much I just had to share!! Really easy to make…

You will need:

Large White Card
Red Paint
White Paint
Black Crayon
Cotton Wool
Paper Bag
PVA Glue

Here’s How We Did It:

  1. Draw a large out line of Father Christmas onto the white card (I did this bit for Livvy!)
  2. Go nuts with the red paint… 🙂
  3. Mix a small amount of red paint with the white paint to make a nice pink colour and use to paint Father Christmas’s face
  4. Use the cotton wool to make a ball of Father Christmas’s hat, and fur for the bottom of his coat etc.
  5. Use a black crayon to colour in his belt and boots
  6. Cut the paper bag to size, then glue onto the white card

…..That’s it folks…easy peasy….nearing Christmas time you can put some sweets in the paper bag as a special treat!


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