Christmas Adventures: Advent (Part Two)

EEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!! I have just been looking at the schedule for our Weihnachten celebrations. Our first notable date is the 2nd December, for those that are unaware this is when the first advent take place. Oh my, we have a whole lotta things to do in just 11 days!!!

“The German Christmas season officially begins with the first Sunday of Advent. Stollen, the oldest known German Christmas treat, and Christmas cookies (Plätzchen) are often baked during this time. Gingerbread houses, nativity scenes, hand-carved wooden Nutcracker figures (Nussknacker), Christmas pyramids (Weihnachtspyramiden), and lighted city streets and homes are all signs that Christmas is on its way”

….. oh dear, what have we let ourselves in for??????!!!!  Better get planning ASAP tomorrow, I have a feeling the next 11  days are all about Stollen, Gingerbread houses and hand crafted toys…thank goodness I am going to a  Kersmark (Christmas Market) on Monday – hoping to find inspiration there!!! Keep a look out for our chosen Stollen recipe on my blog over the next few days…I will be posting the most easiest one to make (with the help of a four year old!)….

‘Advent, Advent …ein Lichtlein brennt
erst eins, dann zwei, dann drei, dann vier
dann steht das Christkind vor der Tür.’



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