Christmas Adventures

Ahhhhh the sweet smells of cinnamon and mixed spice wafting through your house filling every nook and cranny with deliciousness, guarantees to make even the most grumpy Scrooge feel even a little bit Christmassy!  (and Livvy and I should know because we live with a bah-humbug kinda guy!).

Although Livvy has been Homeschooled since birth, I consider this my first “proper” year of Homeschooling, this is the year that we as a family have made a conscious decision to educate at home. Now as a home educator I am always looking for quirky projects to do..things that spark creativity, passion and a love for learning, and our next project came to me one evening…..let’s do Christmas differently this year!….Now I know what you’re thinking, how is the even remotely related to Homeschool?!! Well my friends, let me enlighten you……..

Livvy (as most if you will know is four years old) she loves Christmas, every little thing about it, it’s the most magical time of year for her…a white bearded man will be shimmying down our chimney with a sack of toys,he will have a nibble of our mince pies and a sip of cognac and feed some carrot and milk to his reindeer to help recharge their batteries before heading off into the sky delivering yet more surprises to fast asleep girls and boys….let’s face it, whatever reason we celebrate be it religious or otherwise  it is the most wonderful time!

Anyway…I seem to have got side tracked (Christmas has a habit of doing that you see!!!).  My enlightenment was just this… that it would be amazing if we as a family embrace another country’s way of celebrating Christmas! 🙂 What a wonderful learning experience for Livvy, teaching her to embrace and respect other cultures and beliefs, what a fabulous thing to install at such a young age!! We have in fact been doing this for the last couple of years inadvertently…last year we went South African, year before (and for many years before that!) British….This year however we are going to celebrate Weihnachten!  We have German influence on both sides of our family so it seems like a natural first choice 🙂

This blog post will be an on going one…we are most excited and hope you all enjoy following our Weihnacten journey 🙂


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