Creepy Crawlies And Dirt!… Flutterby’s Unit Study

One of the many benefits of Homeschooling is being able to ditch the boring workbooks and head into the garden for an impromptu bug collecting fest!!! We homeschoolers like to go off on tangents…. to indulge our curiosity, in our case this week to explore the nooks and crannies of the forgotten parts of the garden.  During one of our morning homeschool sessions I asked Livvy to go and choose something “educational” from her bedroom to occupy herself whilst I cleaned the kitchen after a morning of feverish shortbread making. My little love came back very proudly with her microscope and declared that she was on a bug hunting mission….and so our week has been dedicated to natural science and it’s awesomeness!

What fun we have had looking for little beasties! We have found earwigs, caterpillars, woodlice, ladybirds, shongololos (centipieds), hideous huge white grubs (that we fed to the chickens – they love them!) and of course worms! The most amazing find though was an empty chrysalis, we were amazed at how intricate and delicate they are, then sat and watched butterflies gracefully dance around the garden 🙂 What a wonderful thing to explore with a four year old – as adults we forget sometimes that there is such beauty in the smallest of creatures, we forget how wonderful it feels to get our knees dirty as we turn over rock after rock and be mesmerized but what lurks underneath!

Now remember how I said we go off on tangents….well, what was originally just a bit of bug hunting fun turned in a massive natural science extravaganza! Livvy became a geologist, archaeologist and paleontologist all in a mornings work!. We collected different types of soil, made a wormery, looked at how fossils are made and finally made our own fossils. 🙂

All this wonderfulness has got me to thinking…Livvy and I have had so much fun and I had basically created a ‘unit study’ so why not share it with you all?! So that’s exactly what I’m going to do 🙂

Bug Study

Literally all you need for this are bugs!! Go exploring in the garden, park, woods and see how many different types of bugs you can find, talk about how many legs (If they have legs) each bug has, what letter the bug begins with, draw pictures of the different types of bugs you find….the possibilities are endless!!!


Kids love getting muddy…what a better way to indulge them than collecting soil?!  Creepy crawlies and mud go hand-in-hand so this is a perfect experiment to do with your little ones. Click on the link and it will take you to a pdf that gives you fabulous instructions on how to create a mini wormery 🙂

Soil Analysis

Livvy loved this, it’s a great way to investigate the density of different types of soil and what happens when you add water! So simple and fun to do…all you need is a glass jar, different types of soil and a little water. Voila you have yourself a fabulous experiment! Click on the pdf link, follow the instructions and have fun 🙂

Fossils, Fossils Everywhere!

So we are digging in the garden, Livvy and I are discussing the many layers of soil that make up the earth, then the conversation comes around to fossils, how they are formed etc. etc. So I hunted for an experiment that we could do to create our own fossil, here is the link to the pdf we used to make our fossils…great fun, kind of baking and science mixed together!!

We also added a little bit of art into the morning’s experiments, using a couple of toilet rolls, paint and some googly eyes Livvy made her very own unique bugs!

That my friends is our Bug Unit Study! It really is a whole lot of muddy, buggy fun 🙂


The experiments we used were taken from


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