Learning Our ABC’s

Urgh! I loathe the word “academic” but for the want of a better word this post falls into that category. (btw please feel free to suggest a better word!!)

Livvy is at preschool age (maybe even reception aged if you go by the UK’s school enrollment schedule) so our learning is fun based activities that has undertones of what the future will bring to get Liv used to a more structured learning.

So anyway back to the job in hand…. we are working our way slowly through the alphabet, we concentrate on a letter per week (although recently we have upped it to two letters a week due to Livvy’s enthusiasm!).  I use free (yes FREE, because I am a BIG believer that with the wonders of information out there on the web you don’t have to spend much, if anything at this stage of the game) printed worksheets so  Livvy can have a go at writing each letter.  Now, there is something that you should know about Livvy….she is ART MAD!! So as that’s her thing I create a fun art based project based on the given letter. For example, a couple of weeks ago we looked at the letter “K”, “K” for kangaroo in our case….Liv explored where kangaroo’s lived and a few fun facts about the animals, then I incorporated Aboriginal art into the project.  Livvy and I had an awesome time looking at how Aboriginals create their masterpieces, the end product was Livvy making her own kangaroo Aboriginal painting….she had so much fun and loved it (as did I!!) And that my lovely friends is what homeschooling is all about, creating a fun and inspiring learning environment.

Here are a few links for good free alphabet worksheets:


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